A tufted rug having it all!

tufted rug billie hand-tufted gray/ivory area rug XATNQSP

A tufted rug is high quality, fine and affordable area rug that is widely used around the world. Tufting is a style of weaving a fabric such that the fibers used poke out from the backing. And an additional backing is then added to the backing in which the fibers …

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The truth about futon sofa

futon sofa apollo_modern_convertible_futon_sofabed_sleeper_bark  apollo_modern_convertible_futon_sofabed_sleeper_bark_lrg YVPVHBD

Futon Sofa can provide big advantages in a small rooms. Futon sofas serve double purpose as sofas and beds for sleeping. Futons are a lot much more comfy than any kind of sofa-cum-bed. Futons Sofa these days are appealing, multi-functional genuine furniture, suitable for any living space, bedroom, guest room, …

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Which is the best place to buy area rugs?

modern area rugs decide on whether you want round, square, or rectangular area rug according HPNGQRE

Area rugs have become the high class material. It is found at almost at everyone’s place who wishes to show their taste and class. They are very classy materials and they help in decorating the home. If the area rugs are chosen properly then it can complement the house in …

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“find a mixture of transitional rugs”

transitional rugs transitional area rug GQZTWRQ

Transitional rugs are a blend of contemporary and oriental area rugs and it is a combination of the two diehards, transitional rugs shelters a more widespread collection of designs, colors, sizes and patterns; from nominal to complicated designs to an extra detailed or refined style. Therefore, agreeing one to be …

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Seating furniture – leather sectional sofa

4087 modern leather sectional sofa with recliners EVGVKJE

American furniture has experimented a lot of new ideas and introduced very exciting new designs, which are elegant and stylish as well as handy and highly efficient. In this article, our main topic of discussion is to introduce some of the most common seating furniture manufactures available in the market. …

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All you need to know about cork tile flooring

cork tile flooring cork floor tile BDNTCVI

What is cork and cork tile flooring? Cork is one of the many wonders of nature- a renewable product of wood, harvested from the bark of some specific oak trees, generally found in Portugal. The outer layer of this bark is harvested while the layer beneath is left so that …

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Various uses for runner rug

beaujolais ii runner rug beige 27 x 76 XAHTEGP

Runner rug can serve at least two purposes in floor covering. They make a great accent piece, typically having a design and color scheme that contrasts with the flooring underneath, and they also help in high traffic areas where there is likely to be more wear and tear on the …

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Persian area rugs- add beauty at your place

Persian area rugs 7x10 mahal persian area rug HNSWCWH

Persian area rugs are one type of Oriental rug. They come from the area of Iran, earlier known as Persia. Hence, it is known as Persian area rugs. Iran has been making rugs for thousands of years. Carpet weaving is an important part of Persian art and culture. Rugs woven in …

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Alluring lounge sofa

linen fabric upholstery adjustable floor sofa bed lounge sofa bed floor  lazy URZZDWN

The lounge sofas are very trendy these days. The chaise lounge sofas are long enough to support the legs of the user. The term chaise lounge comes from the French language. In French terminology, the chaise lounge is referred to any long reclining chairs. The upholstered chaise lounge sofas are …

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